A-Saloon Academy’s range of courses is specially designed for the ultimate modern hair education.
We aim to provide students with the essential techniques needed to jumpstart their career in the hairdressing world.
A professional certificate will be given to those that successfully completed this course.


This course is designed for those looking for a career in the hairdressing industry with a job placement guarantee at any A-Saloon’s outlets. This course is divided into 3 in-depth stages from basic to advance skills. Learn about the nooks and crannies of hairdressing like basic knowledge of hair, basic shampooing process, client consultation and a range of coloring, perming, hairdo and styling techniques.

Up next, students will learn all the basic cutting, styling and setting techniques advancing with different styles of coloring techniques like highlight and lowlight. Practical practices will be done on real life models under the supervision of tutors. At the end of the course, students will be awarded with 3 certificates which are Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia (SKM) Level 2 and 3, and A-Saloon’s Diploma in Professional Hairdressing.

Duration: 14 Months


Our Basic to Intermediate Level is designed for those with no experience or any training in hairdressing. The students will be able to learn about the basic uses of hairstyling techniques and tools. This course is divided into 4 in-depth stages covering all the skills needed with a short cut to hairdressing success. Learn multiple ways to blow dry hair, crucial hair and scalp therapy. Lastly, create simple long hair styles perfect for any occasion using chignon and French plait techniques.

Duration: 3 Months


Our Intermediate to Advance Level is designed for those that completed our Basic to Intermediate Level, or those already with industry experience. In our Intermediate & Advance Level, this is where students start to learn the basic of hairdressing techniques. Focusing on basic haircuts, hair perms and hair coloring techniques.

The students will learn how to analyze their client’s hair, provide consultation and advice on hair style that suits their client best and follow through with a full haircut. For hair coloring, students will learn to create natural or fashionable colors, and even tints for every client. Besides practical, students will also learn the theory of hair color spectrum that helps with identifying and selecting the perfect hair color! Giving students the skills and creativity that is bound to make them stand out in the industry.

Duration: 3 Months

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